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'NANCYBOO' is a professional women's clothing design brand was born by designer NANCYBOO

‘NANCYBOO’ pursues ‘Differentiation’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Creativity.
-. Differentiation from other brands is most important factor for ‘NANCYBOO.
-. Passion is driving force of ‘NANCYBOO
-. ‘NANCYBOO’ create creativity

Furthermore, ‘NANCYBOO’ loves twisting stereo-type idea and challenging creative designs.

‘NANCYBOO’ wish that we would like to be a design that inspires people at all times.

  • Company NANCYBOO
    Representative 부낸시
    Business Registration No. 384-06-01030
    Mail Order Sales No.제2019-서울성동-893호
    Address.서울시 성동구 옥수동 428 극동상가 3층 305호
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